Are you happy with your body? When you look in the mirror, does your body reflect how you feel on the inside? Exercise consciously. Embrace optimism & summon the vigor to author the best chapter yet. #BeMoveDo

Erwin R. Gonzalez is a 20+ year fitness veteran based in New York City. As a PERSONAL TRAINER, Erwin has worked with men, women, seniors, kids, competitive athletes, weekend warriors, and expectant mothers from first trimester to post-pregnancy recovery. From post-rehab fitness to achieving weight loss and maintenance goals, he gets it.

In the GROUP FITNESS world, he has worked for some of the elite clubs in the world and is capable of creating a variety of classes to address Strength, Movement, Mobility, Flexibility, Mind-set, and Cardiovascular training. It is a complete training paradigm intentionally created to build agility and resilience. Imagine an exercise practice that allows you to train movements, strengthen your core, toughen your mindset, achieve your goals and feel life yourself again.