FOUR Leg Exercises You Can Do Anywhere

You don’t need equipment to exercise. You need a willingness to do challenge yourself. If you seek motivation, go to a mirror. It is staring you in the face. Your body is nature’s gift to you. Preserve it. Care for it. Nurture it. Give it the best fuel and put it to use.

Explosive Leg Circuit

Go to a local park and find and outdoor bench or secure object you can step on.
** If at home, you can use a set of stairs but be careful. Stay at the bottom of the steps not the top.
** If at the gym, use an adjustable exercise platform or a weight bench.
Don’t Forget to Join Us OUTSIDE!

The Exercises

1. Step Up, Step Down
If you do this half assed, it will be easy as pie. Then you know you are doing this wrong.

  • Step up firmly with one foot (right) and push off bench and power the other leg (left) up to top then lower that leg (left) step down to the ground.
  • Be sure to keep all your weight on the lifted leg on the bench. Avoid rocking your weight back-and-forth.
  • You should feel your right buttock active as well as your hamstring. Yes, the quad is in there too but think hamstring first.
  • Perform repetitions until failure then switch sides.

2.  Lateral Step Up & Down 
Perform the same exercise but laterally, or sideways.

3. Run up and down the bench.
This may be harder than it seems.

  • You want to make sure you are firmly planting your feet so you don’t trip.
  • Land each step.
  • Be sure to alternate your LEAD leg.
  • Don’t let the balls of your feet barely strike the bench before you come back down. You want to be sure you plant your foot.

4.  Squat Jump Up/ Step Down
Choose a platform you can safely clear but is still challenging. (Do not start with the highest platform.)

  • Start with a safe distance and allow yourself to build.
  • Drop down into a squat position, spring off the ground with both feet simultaneously, pump your arms and stick the landing. Then step down one foot at time. Repeat.
  • After you land the next jump step down with the other leg.

Notes: Watch your eye gaze. Be mindful not to stare at the floor. In the video, you will catch me looking down. It is okay to spot yourself but don’t get caught focusing on the ground.

The Sets & Reps

Note: This is your workout. You can perform it anyway you want.

Here are my suggestions:
– You can perform 4 sets of each exercise and 15-20 repetitions each set. Take one minute rest after completing both legs than go again.
– You can for endurance and base your sets/repetitions on time intervals. ex. 30 seconds each leg.
– You can do a circuit. Go straight through for 8 minutes TWO minutes each exercise and repeat.

There are infinite possibilities. These are examples. The more creative you are the less likely boredom will set-in.

Here is the building block and you can create a myriad of different training options.
You are only limited by your imagination.

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