How to Prep for Your Fitness Walks

Some of us are training for a 10K and some of us are just glad to be alive. Whatever your story, walking is a great opportunity to work on coordination, balance, core strength, posture and alignment. There is also nothing wrong with giving your joints a bit of a rest.

The KINETIC Sculpt® On-the-Walk class is not your grandparents’ gentle stroll. It is active and challenging.

For example, some days we meet at 7am and embark on a brisk 2 mile+ walk along the Hudson River and the full length of The Highline. (If you have not been to The Highline Park in NYC, you simply must. It is an amazing view and breathtaking first thing in the morning.) Along the walk, we performed motor skill drills, planks, stretches, push ups, and competitive races to build speed.

Regardless of whether there are 6 people or 16, we come to play. If you are unable to join in the fun, here are some tips to start your own workout.

What to wear?

1. Athletic Long Sleeve Top or Running Tights made from a wicking fabric.
These performance fabrics pull sweat from your skin, keep you warm and dry faster. If you are shopping for athletic clothing, look for anti-stink clothing properties too. You’ll thank me later.

2. Do not bring lots of gear.
The more you carry the more cumbersome the walk will be. You want your hands free.

3. Comfortable walking athletic shoes and good socks.
Bad socks will chafe. If you feet hurt later, you lose.

4. Wear Gloves, especially if you have poor circulation.
Your hands are prone to get cold first. You do not want to walk with your hands in your pockets.

5. Wear a hat.
Most core body heat is lost through the head.

Planning Your Route

1. Choose a path you walk without being aggressed by runners and bikers.

2. Watch for traffic and know your area traffic patterns such as: school buses, rush hour, etc.
You may also want to avoid breathing in car fumes on your walk too. Don’t stick too close to a major roadway.

3. Wear a GPS device or map your distance in advance.
If you plan a safe path in advance, you can actually take a moment to enjoy the view.

4. If it is windy, try to stay inland and cut the breeze.

Walk Structure
The KS™ On-the-Walk class is pre-planned. I  I don’t leave room for lots of variables. It may be oxymoronic but it is planned spontaneity. I explain where we are going and lay out the path in advance. This way we are all on the same page.

1. If you are walking with a group, I highly recommend you walk single file.
Otherwise, you are blocking the road. We are not out to talk and commiserate. We are there to workout and we do the chatting at the breaks.

2. Choose a route with water fountains along the way, or invest in a runner’s water belt, or Camelback hydration pack.
I don’t suggest you carry bottles in your hands.

3. Plan your walking, stretches, drills and sets in advance.
You can do it by mileage or time.

4. Carry your phone, in case of emergency, but turn the ringer off.

I personally prefer running tights and tops that have pockets.
This way I can zip my wallet, keys and phone into a safe place. Remember you will be perspiring and your items may get wet. If you do not have a waterproof case for your valuables, carry a ziplock bag and slide your important items into it. If you don’t have that, try Saran wrap. It will hold you over.

1. What you focus on will only multiply in your head.
Think warm thoughts and let your mind stay in the workout. If you focus on the cold, you only get colder.

2. If you are dressed appropriately, you will not suffer the elements.

3. Say NO to suffering.
A solid walking program will make you a stronger runner and all around human being.  There is a reason why we learn to walk before we run. Somehow as adults, we forget that. If truly understand intensity, you know walking is rewarding activity on many levels. You need not seek the secondary gain of suffering for a bragging right..

I recently launched the KINETIC Sculpt™ Clothing Store on When I workout, like this morning, I wear the KS™ track jacket and baseball cap. It keeps me warm but not too warm. I even gave it to one of my students who did not have enough layers to wear. I think she can attest, it is a good item.

Alright, enough talk for now, get out there!

Exercising Consciously,

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