Jessica Before and After/ A KINETIC Sculpt™ Success Story

Jessica joined KINETIC Sculpt™ OUTSIDE on June 4, 2011. She had heard about us via our MeetUp group. She had not attended any of the indoor training classes so it was a clean slate. In one Summer, she transformed her body. People want to know how she did it. Here is how.

Show Up
Being a school teacher, Jessica could ONLY attend class once per week. After an initial conversation and assessment, I got an understanding of her strengths and her weaknesses. She showed up Saturday mornings with a positive spirit and a willingness to absorb all the education that she can. As per normal, I prescribed specific exercises for her needs. She never said NO nor did she ever make excuses. I also paired her with inspiring women to lift her to a higher level of achievement.

When school finally let out for Summer break, Jessica began to come to class 3 days per week, Wednesdays 6:30am, Friday 7am and Saturdays 9am. (Our program is intentionally affordable so people can schedule long term.) Was it convenient for her? No. I did not discover until early August that she commuted over two miles back and forth to be in our Chelsea OUTSIDE program. That is true commitment.

Be patient.
To be effective and avoid eventual injury, you must be precise. Slower is often faster. In our very first session, we did a spider crawl over a a series of interlinked rock formations. Jessica could barely make it through a third of the way. She could have muscled through but I was stickler that she not just do it, but do it well.

Two months later, Jessica can spider crawl the entire distance. We are still refining technique but she now has the stamina to make it through and keep her form.

Put your scale away.
I never encouraged Jessica to get on a scale. I never weighed her. Why? There is nothing that she is training for in her life that requires her to be in a specific weight class. Nonetheless, she has lost weight without it being her obsession.

My experience is people get on scales to judge how heavy they are. They find out how much they weigh, then it weighs on them. Focus on your goals and not your perceived faults. When you are doing the right things, you will lose weight.

Enjoy what you are doing.
As Jessica’s athletic confidence, she slowly added Spinning classes and yoga alongside the KINETIC Sculpt™ regimen. I began to give her homework assignments and at home exercises. I didn’t push her in any direction. She was on an integrity dictated path, and naturally found her way. Now, Jessica has taken on her next challenge. She will run her first 10K on October 22, 2011.

Keep adapting your plan.
Nothing in life stays static. With Summer coming to an end, school was soon back in session. In mid-August Jessica and I started strategizing as to how to maintain her fitness through the Fall and Winter. Now that we had exercise integrated and obtained results, I had her start a food journal to encourage conscious eating.

We are also scheduling her into KS™ evening classes and keeping her weekend training challenging. This discipline along with the 10K on the schedule helps. An athletic goal brings motivation.

Jessica is winning because she wants it. She recognizes that her physical empowerment fuels everything else in her world.

I can’t stress enough the value of having a plan of action. As long as we have a plan, we can tweak it and make accommodations. If you have no strategy, when life’s events derail you, it will be harder to get back on track.

KINETIC Sculpt™ is not about exercise strictly. It’s about consciousness. It’s about how amazing it feels to live inside your body and wear it proudly. Life is a marathon. Whether you choose to run, walk or crawl, you are already in the race.  In what condition do you intend to get to the finish line? 

I am proud to celebrate Jessica because she represents what is possible when you decide to get in the game.

– Erwin

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