Erwin on Injury Prevention

This morning I was on Fresh 102. 7, WCBS-FM (You can listen to it ONLINE,) to discuss injury prevention. Part of injury prevention is also cold weather acclimation. It is a New Year and sometimes mother nature doesn’t cooperate with our plans.

Gym workouts are great but don’t be shy to workout outdoors. A cold weather workout can be a matter of mind over matter. Dress in layers and when exercising outdoors, think warm thoughts.

Whether you ever learn to personally like it or not, the more we are exposed to cold, our body goes through accommodation.

Keep your workout brief at first. Then gradually increase your exposure to build up your body’s natural tolerance. The mental part will have to be you mastering surrender.

I have trained in sub-freezing temperatures. It is do-able. Make sure you also have the proper wicking fabric winter gear and don’t over-layer. Dress for 10 degrees warmer than the actual temperature. This way when you break a sweat, you are not soaked on the inside.

Think warm thoughts and EXERCISE CONSCIOUSLY.


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