Intro To Foam Rolling

Virtually every gym has a foam roller and no one is using it. I swear by it. Foam rolling is an effective form of self-massage, neuromuscular facilitation and pain management technique.
Foam rolling uses deep compression to help roll out muscle adhesions, or knots, that develop over time.

Sometimes my knees hurt but after a session of foam rolling the muscles and tendons of my glute, quad, hamstring and hip, I am pain free.

You can also look to an article written by Mike Boyle on that explains about the origin of foam rolling and includes more in depth instructional video snippets and an anatomical guide.

I included the same foam roller I have at home in the Sweat Shop.

Here’s what you want to remember

– Go Slow
– Move your roller by centimeters as opposed to inches
– Engage your abs, back, core so to control the amount of pressure you place on your roller
– Think of your abs as your brake. They control your rate of speed.
– If it is too much pressure and it hurts then lighten up or take a break.

Intro to Foam Roll Part 1

Intro to Foam Roll Part 2

Pain Prevention is active life extension.

Exercise Consciously.

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