Wanna detoxify yourself?


Many peeler re consumed with invisible toxins. However there are many toxins in every day items that completely go overlooked. So if you are considering a juice cleanse why not go completely cold turkey for one month on these products too.

  • No makeup (or switch to strictly NATURAL products)
  • No antiperspirant
  • No lotions or moisturizers (or switch to strictly NATURAL products)
  • No hair dyes or products
  • No fragrance
  • No use of inorganic unnaturally made soaps
  • No use of artificial ingredients in your food
  • No smoking
  • No candles (unless you make them)

After a month, notice how you feel. Are you energized? less sickly?

According to the Ohio State University Extension, toxins — heavy metals, chemicals and metabolic byproducts — can enter your body through ingestion, direct skin contact and the air you breathe.

The Environmental Working Group Website  will offer you the safety rating of your favorite products.

Basically if you can’t eat it, don’t put it on your skin or ingest it. If you decide to skip food before seeking other alternatives,  maybe you want to pause for self-reflection. What are you really trying to “detoxify” yourself of?


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