Exercise with the lights off

SPINNING is the only exercise class I know taught with the lights off. The origin of this condition is to create an atmospheric condition for exercise in a commercial consumer culture.

  • The darkness relieves self-consciousness.
  • You can be anonymous.
  • You don’t need to observe yourself in a mirror thus no judgment.
  • Having the lights off and pumping the music allows your mind to wander away from what you are doing to both good and bad effect.

I have attempted to find data on the positive effects of dim light on stimulating sensory perceptual functioning, afferent and efferent nerve impulses and muscle energy expenditure but I have produced none. In short, this lights off shit don’t work.

I am asking your help. So do you have any info/research to support exercising in darkness? If so, can you please forward it to me. I will review and adapt to a lights off model if the science is sound.

I have found a study published and peer reviewed in July 2012 that essentially presents the benefits of training with bright lights versus dim lights and the impact of circadian rhythm on athletic performance. It isn’t promising for the lights off business model.

Here is the takeaway, “Bright Light exposure enhances physical performance with concomitant increase in individual strain, and is related not only to local (external) time, but also to an individual’s internal time.”

In short, if you have any research or data you can point me to or either side I appreciate it.

Be. Move. Do.



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