Get out of your own way

5 Steps to Get Out of Your Own Way

As a dyed in the wool procrastinator and reformed quitter, here are some tips that work for me NOW.

Whether it be an athletic goal, a diet, a job search or an educational challenge, only action creates results, not thoughts. From one procrastinator to another, make ONE change today because you are not guaranteed tomorrow.

1. Live with genuine Intention.
In a “just do it” society, be a MASTER of intention. Generate a “WHY” before you embark on a endeavor. Fear is not a motivation and is never the source of creation. Fear-based reactions always lead to course correction.

  • You must see the design and rhythm of everything.
  • Qualify the possible results of your actions.

How you live generates a “feeling” or “motive” and these feelings drive the action that follows. Pay attention to your feelings and pair it with your intellect.

2. Surrender Control.
If you are spending more time complaining than stretching yourself, you are missing the experience. There are no guarantees for anything in Life. If you allow space for change, you may become someone you didn’t see was possible.

3. Focus on the task ahead.
Who you are today is not an indication of what you can be. Write down your vision of what you want in clear definitive sentences. When done, you will logically have a list of “next actions” to take.

4. Surround yourself with TRUE supporters.
A supporter is someone who believes in you and your ability. (S)he is also a tough minded, compassionate and fair friend in the truest sense. This person holds you accountable to your greatness and calls you out on your smallness. They do not try to pass on you their fears. A supporter wants you to succeed because when you win, they win.

5. Remember Life is a Marathon.
If you remember you are in the game for the long haul, it helps give you perspective. Remember, thoughts are not things, they are molecules in your brain matter that shift.

  • Think of your challenges as being bite sized. Break them down into steps.
  • Do not give a safe harbor to self-defeating thoughts. Otherwise you will trip yourself up and block your vision of the future.

For most people, life is quite long. The choices we make today dictate what the future will look like. Not to be morbid, but it may also determine if you have a future. Do you best to assure you are making life affirming choices. Consider that life affirming choices not only make you feel good but also reverberate positively to your supporters.

No one has ever left this planet perfect and no one will. Don’t do your best. Strive for excellence. Then heed the results.

– Erwin

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