What is Competence?

What is Competence?

I was reading an article indicating that adults today are less physically fit than their ancestors. We move less. We avoid heavy weight bearing activities. Our skeletons reflect the decrease in activity. In short, living a life of comfort is significantly decreasing the quality of our lives. We are living longer and not necessarily better.

Here’s the lowdown: As we age reflexes slow, coordination suffers, and memory lapses. We also circulate less blood per volume during endurance activities. Research shows that many of the changes attributed to aging are actually caused in large part by disuse.

Will you age well? Will you be physically competent to carry on for the next few decades without medical assistance? This depends on your athletic choices, lifestyle and your genetics.

Take a survey of your lifestyle.

  • Do you live with joint pain?
  • Are you living on medication?
  • Are you unable to run a mile in under 10 minutes?
  • Are you overweight?
  • Are you unable to perform a solid pull up?

Have you answered YES to any of these questions? Would you like to know yourself as a skilled technician when it comes to operating your body?

Competence is about literally being able to carry your own weight, cultivating awareness of your environment and increasing your physical robustness.

The research also indicates that you, me, every adult, must weight train and vary our routine. Because you can’t efficiently train for everything in one session, KINETIC Sculpt© was created. I can not restate enough how much more lucrative it would be to sell and market a generic workout. However, cultivating new skills and maintaining your present joint and muscle integrity is the cornerstone of wellness. Prescribing burpees and jumping jacks in a circuit or abiding by a strict yoga regimen alone simply isn’t going to cut it if you are over 35.

Mix it up if you wish age gracefully and with vigor without looking like the stereotypical elderly. I work with clients aged up to 91 years old to know this is a viable reality. You must know your personal boundaries.

Athletically, how do do you see yourself living in ten or twenty years? How does what you are you doing today insure this outcome? Sometimes we have to do things we don’t like so we can continue to prosper at what we love.

Characteristics of the Physically Competent.

  1. Form an individualized & monitored weight bearing fitness program.
  2. Perform a robust cardio program that can be replicated when alone.
  3. Routine engagement in cognitive challenges and maintain social connection.
  4. Maintain clearly defined goals.

The best way, I believe, to manage your weight and remain youthful is to focus on your results (both positive and negative), make necessary adjustments and address the cognitive journey you are on.

Be. Move. Do.


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