The truth most trainers don’t share…

I am so sore right now, I can’t pretend that it feels good or tell a story about how exercise is always awesome. The truth is every fit person is living in some form of pain. (That goes for every dancer, athlete, soldier, fireman, EMT, physique model, action star, and anyone who uses their body daily. Even Mr. INSANITY himself told me he’s injured and looking to retire soon.) Wouldn’t it be nice if everyone you admired told the truth?

Our society messages to us that being HUMAN makes one weak. Life doesn’t quite follow the Marvel Cinematic Universe paradigm where the hero takes a beating and bounces right back. Real life is not about enhancing image via smoke and mirrors. It’s about hard work and managed pain.

Oh, since I’m coming clean, let it be known that I go to bed hungry some days too. It’s not easy to remain a size 32 waist after 40. Mind you I’m not fasting, taking supplements and doing a liquid cleanse. Instead I manage my diet so to meet my energy needs. I restrict my calories. I avoid a diet of junk. It takes more thought but so does managing type 2 diabetes, heart disease and not fitting into my clothes.

Training-wise, I am methodical about my workouts. I’m not wasting time performing some socially-engaging, generic, adrenaline-fueled workout at my local exercise boutique. I go to the old school gym. lift weights according to a strength training plan to build my core, maintain my mobility, increase my flexibility and sustain my endurance. I insure I work on everything from my rotator cuffs to building my calves.

That said, there many days when I spill out of bed with my muscles screaming, joints aching. And before you think it, it’s an age thing. It hurt even when I was twenty-six. The difference is with age, you don’t spring back as fast. Having admitted all this, I need to assert that being sore doesn’t mean I have excuses to avoid grocery shopping today, nor training a client, home cooking, biking to-and-from work and on and on.


Life goes on.

To live my best life, I strive to meet life’s challenges in the best shape I can manage. Besides I like fitting into my clothes. I appreciate feeling good about myself, emotionally, physically and sexually. Living with regret, making excuses, being defensive about my appearance, avoiding my reflection, overcompensating by exaggerating other aspects of my life, these behaviors would certainly hurt me more, nag at my spirit.

As long as I have ibuprofen. I have a friend. And not to mention the Dalai Lama approves.

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