If you are over 50 demand more services at your health club.

Whether you believe 50 is the new 40, there are certain immutable truths concerning the performance of the human body as it ages. The physical peak for most humans, in most sports, is between 25 and 35 years of age; during this peak period, the well-conditioned athlete can create a confluence of muscular strength, peak cardiovascular and oxygen transport, speed and reaction time, and mental capabilities. Ignoring the needs of the aging increase the likelihood of fracture and injury. This results in loss of quality of life and reduction in lifespan. TRUE.

There is a new better paradigm. We have the research and the techniques to minimize performance decline and slow muscle degeneration through strength training. We can rid the stigma of “senior citizen” but for that to happen we have to get people’s attention. Adults over-50 spend roughly $300 billion on personal care, enrichment and entertainment.


Speak up at your health club,
Ask your Gym GM what the club’s plans are for the Active Aging and request a phone call with an explanation of what is being offered or not?
– Find out what programs your club offers SPECIFICALLY for men and women over-50 or demand some?

Millennials are being targeted with Crossfit, INSANITY, Boot Camps and other HIIT programs. Where are your classes? You deserve to be catered to as well.

To do nothing is to risk continuing being under-served. Will you wait until no infrastructure exists to support you?

Exercise Consciously.

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