Change Your Body From the Inside-Out

should-be-quote.Do you want to make friends? Do you want to change your body? Do you want a bigger better life? I recommend you select exercise programs that produce sustainable results, offer one-on-one feedback and have a defined purpose. Reinvent yourself not simply your routine.

  • Join an individualized nutrition program where your weight and diet are closely monitored. If your results can be measured and adjusted, you are less prone to self-attack. It is imperative that every adult finds a healthy weight (s)he can live at successfully.  You are a complicated person. Why should you try to force yourself into a one-size-fits-all box?
  • Join an active group that has shared goals. The need for interpersonal connection is normal and an effective motivation tool. Sign up for a fundraising team, like the Avon Walk or run a marathon. The organizers will then connect you with a local group to train with. The act of fundraising will also force you out of your comfort zone. It is athleticism with a purpose. You can get fit, explore your environment and build community simultaneously.
  • Start a meditation practice. Mindfulness is a necessary tool in our overstimulated time. No matter what you do, or wherever you are, the need to be center yourself is paramount.
  • Learn a skill. If you want lasting change, learn something new. Whether it be boxing, rock climbing, parkour, gymnastics, cycling, triathlon or table tennis, learn something new. Embracing new challenges stimulates your brain which is key to longevity, has positive cognitive effects and helps fight depression. A holistic training paradigm will also teach you coordination, balance, agility and release endorphins. In addition, you can take your new skills into real life.

A results-driven exercise approach will elevate your mood. Your self-confidence will grow day-to-day as you become expert at a definable skill. You WILL make new friends. You may also become a mentor to others. Replace worry with commitment.


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