Make Your Own Online Cookbook

K Cooking Tip: Make Your Own Online Cookbook

My kitchen isn’t very large and even if it were following a cookbook recipe can get messy. There are ingredients everywhere. You have to wash your hands every time you turn a page. Sometimes you lose your spot or you can’t read the fine print. Now you have to find your eyeglasses or someone to read the passage to you. Don’t you wish you could enlarge the text? Want to keep your cookbooks clean and make the process easier? Well, I have a solution to that!!!

  1. Download a scanner app on your iPhone, iPad, Tablet or Android device.
  2. Take a clear photo of your recipes. Use the portable electronic with the best camera.  You also have an extra option of taking screenshots of recipes you read online to be added to a file later or clip and email recipes to yourself.
  3. Open up an account on Evernote, Google Docs, Dropbox, BOX or any cloud service of your choice.
  4. Create a RECIPES file. Don’t forget to NAME and TAG them so they are easily referenced. I tag by ingredients, ethnic food category, course, etc.. You can also create subcategories like desserts, appetizers, holidays, etc.
  5. Place your scanned recipes, photos in the cloud. Now your recipes have gone virtual. They will be on every device you own and easily shared.
  6. Set iPad on stand on countertop and voila! You have your own iCookbook.

Langiappe: If you don’t have a screen cover for the iPad screen, use saran wrap to keep it clean, unwrap when done.

–  Erwin

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