A New Day

IMG_3673I’ve been a fitness professional for 20+ years now. (It stuns me to type that.) You see, I wasn’t a high school or college athlete. I came to the fitness party quite late. I was that boy who was teased he threw like a girl. Therefore, I avoided team sports and virtually all exercise so not to be teased. (Who wants a target on their back?) I didn’t realize what a naturally gifted athlete I was was until my mid-20’s. And this was because I was finally surrounded by intelligent nurturing coaches, supportive trainers, fellow athletes, who saw the greatness in me. Long story short, this is how my career began.

Having been educated in the school of hard knocks, picked on, severely humbled, I’ve come to my personal and professional successes honestly, with integrity. No shortcuts.  I’m transparent about my journey. Why not? It’s all history now. My mission is to equip people to be kinder to themselves. Own your strength. To get this place, you have to let go of your baggage and try on a new skin.

Get rid of the bullies in your life. According to research, the average ratio for high-performing teams was nearly six positive comments for every negative one. Surround yourself with people who can give you honest criticism without sarcasm. Keep the company of people who are invested in your wellbeing and success. They offer not just praise but negative feedback that is fair, rational, objective, and calm. No one responds well to feeling under constant personal attack.

Own your age. When you are young, the body is very forgiving. However with every decade your body faces different demands and trials. The needs of your 25-year-old body are not the same needs of your 35-year-old body and with every decade it gets more challenging. (Sadly, you can’t indulge in food and alcohol after 40 as you did when you were in college.) Eventually all of our over-indulgences catch up with us. We must adapt. There is no magic pill. Resistance is futile. Time and gravity eventually will win so cooperate, make smarter moves while you are still at optimal health. The future is being written by our daily choices.

The goal is not simply to look great, at any age, but to feel great.

  • Do you want a lifestyle and a plan that you can maintain?
  • Imagine maintaining your goal weight year round.
  • How about putting on some more muscle mass?
  • How about getting rid of that back or joint pain you’re newly experiencing?

Whether an early adopter or a late bloomer, know we can still make significant strides at any age. The key is a willingness to change your outlook, then start moving, do something new. If you truly hated exercise, you wouldn’t be reading this far.

Face it, you want to experience a change. Change is good. Our brains crave a new challenge. Our body responds well to hard work. It does not respond well to being sedentary. When you make a consistent series of the right choices, you experience positive results. The positive results bring upon a new attitude. The new outlook transforms how you engage with others. (We exercise as much for ourselves as we do the people we love.) Results come full circle. My mission is to assist my clients to live their lives fully.

Fitness is not an endgame. It is a long game. PLAY. Don’t be afraid of failure. Without failure, what do the successes mean? Celebrate your accomplishments both large and small. Be kind to yourself and you will never be depleted.

It can be a New Day if you let it in. Exercise Consciously. Best Wishes.



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