Injury Prevention for Runners – Myrtl Routine

KINETIC Sculpt® places a large emphasis on injury prevention. Hip Rotation is integral to movement and there are a large number of hip related injuries that are possible.
– Low back pain
– Muscle strain injuries (groin pull/ hamstring strain)
Hip Bursitis
Hip labrum tear
– Hip arthritis
– Stress fractures

If you are experiencing chronic pain, please do not attempt to self-diagnose, or let your trainer give homespun advice. I highly recommend you see a board certified Orthopedic and Sports Medicine physician for a thorough examination.

The best medicine to avoid injury is prevention. I am posting this video found on the internet via Nike Running. You will find a number of hip exercises demonstrated.

Myrtl Routine – 12 Exercises to help strengthen the hip girdle  and provide a greater range of motion. I recommend you incorporate a few of them into your workouts.

  • You can perform them at home or outside.
  • You don’t need to perform them all at once.
  • You can phase them in your workout on alternate days.

Floor Series

1.Clams – 5 Reps per leg

2. Lateral leg raise – 15 Reps per leg
– 5 reps neutral
– 5 reps toe down
– 5 reps toe up

3. Donkey Kicks –  8 Reps per leg
– Watch your lower back

4. Donkey Whips – 5 Reps per leg
– Guard the aggressiveness of you your leg swing

5. Fire hydrant – 8 Reps per leg

6. Knee Circle: Forward – 5 Reps per leg

7. Knee Circle: Backward – 5 Reps per leg
– Expect to struggle

Standing Series

8. Hurdle Trail Leg: Forward – 5 Reps per leg

9. Hurdle Trail Leg: Backward – 5 Reps per leg
– Expect to struggle and feel uncoordinated. Don’t quit.

10. Lateral Leg Swing – 5 Reps per leg

11. Linear Leg Swing – 10 Reps per leg

You can also download the PDF courtesy of Nike Running as a companion guide. Copy it to your phone and you can carry it with you.


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