3 Ways to Change Your Body From the Inside-Out

should-be-quoteReinvent yourself. Stop judging. Release expectation. Step outside your box. Switch lanes. If you are staunch about making inroads in your life, be unapologetic. Try something new.

  • Join an individualized nutrition program.  Clean up your diet. It is imperative that every adult finds a healthy weight (s)he can live at successfully.  You are a complicated person. Why should you try to force yourself into a one-size-fits-all box that you saw featured on TV or read about in a magazine? Get specific. Consult a nutritionist. Join a group that you haven’t tried before. Allow your results to be measured and monitored. Then you are less prone to self-attack. You will receive constructive feedback and tips catering to your needs.
  • Sign up for a fundraising athletic team. Ever consider doing an adventure race, half marathon or walk for charity? Be athletic with a purpose. You can get fit, explore your environment and build community simultaneously. The organizers of these events will connect you with a local group to train with. The act of fundraising will also force you out of your comfort zone. You will discover how many people are in your corner. The interpersonal connection, bonding with a group of likeminded individuals is an effective motivational tool.
  • Learn a new skill. Be a YES person. Have you always wanted to learn to box, rock climb, bike ride, perform parkour, gymnastics, triathlon or table tennis? Do it. Learn a new activity. It need not be expensive either. Take a look at your local community recreation center. Embracing challenges stimulates your brain which is the key to longevity. The stimulation has positive cognitive effects.

We all get stuck in ruts. Take meaningful steps out of it. A holistic regimen or training paradigm is a road map to lasting change. Start by placing better fuel in your tank. As you eat well, you feel better. It’s true. Building your network of friends, at any age, allows you greater opportunities to engage, to network. Learning a new skill insures you don’t grow complacent and feel vibrant daily. Consider the potential gains by saying YES to one or all of the above? Reinvention is an inside-outside phenomena.


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