Learning Style Matters

7-styles-of-learning-730x877A lack of customization and individual assessment is one reason why people have problems sustaining gains. Aside from choosing the right exercises for your body’s needs and goals, you need to understand your style of learning. You may discover that though you may respond to a myriad of cues, you will favor one more than another. Learning style is critical as it accelerates information processing.

These are different learning styles. Which style, or styles, benefit you best?

Visual learner – Do you learn best by watching then positive imitation? Watching videos may be very helpful to you. Ask for visual demonstrations when necessary. Use video and record movement when you can. This way you observe yourself and correct flawed movement patterns.

Auditory learner – Do you respond best beats, counting and rhythm? Break down movement into steps. Counting in your head helps and use music for cueing.

Kinesthetic learner – Learn by doing.  This requires illustration of the wrong way AND the correct way, cued choreography. It is important to stress feeling. What muscle are you working and do you feel it?

Logical thinker – Do you need to know what is expected of you in advance so you can think it through first? For example, I have a client who needs to know my intent, the movement design, and where I am leading him before we enter the field of play. It soothes him and allows him to focus harder on the endgame. This oft requires an explanation of anatomy, what muscles need to fire and when. If it creates faster and stronger results, I’m all in.

Social learner – Are you easily bored? This learning style requires constant motivation and inspiration. This person needs a participation in a group, or a partner, to perform. They require lots of play.

No two people are exactly alike, even when matched according to skill-set. Don’t worry. Your body will adapt. As an agile thinker, you will move with greater fluidity.

Exercise Consciously.

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