Fit or Fat? They are both a Lifestyle Choice.

When we are young, our bodies are more resilient, flexible, efficient, kinetic and we recover faster. With every decade, our lifestyle shifts, our professional demands become more pressing, then come family responsibilities, we put on a few pounds, slow down just a little, you know the story. We keep waiting for the perfect time to resume our old healthy habits or get on a fitness program. Then one day, seemingly out of nowhere, illness and injuries occur. What if life doesn’t have to look like this?

You get the choose the life you want to live and you also get to have input on the shape of the body you want to live in.

Be inspired. Train with a plan. Think long-term. There is a tactical transfer to learning. You can become a powerful agile athlete at any age and see all the areas of your life operate as if on steroids.

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