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A New Day

I’ve been a trainer for 20 years now. To stay interested, you have to take risks, be interested in people, think about the long game and don’t be afraid of failure.

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Healthy Aging Rewards Preparation

If you embrace that you ARE going to grow older, you can be a strategist for your future. Skip worry, ask better questions. “What are the resources that would mitigate the impact of stress?” “What are the assets that will enable you to meet life’s demands in a hardier way? Fact: By 2016, one-third of […]

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What is Competence?

What is Competence? I was reading an article indicating that adults today are less physically fit than their ancestors. We move less. We avoid heavy weight bearing activities. Our skeletons reflect the decrease in activity. In short, living a life of comfort is significantly decreasing the quality of our lives. We are living longer and […]

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