Group Fitness

Group exercise is a great economical entry point on a fitness journey.

We have all heard the expression “it’s not rocket science.” Well exercise is not rocket science but you do need a degree of sophistication to create longterm results.

Whether you are…

  • marathon runners
  • triathletes
  • competitive cyclists
  • masters swimmers
  • dancers
  • stay-at-home mom’s
  • grandparents
  • active Baby Boomers
  • sedentary

…you can always better yourself but this involves evolved training. Take mindful action.

Got health?

Be transparent about your exercise background so the instructor knows your capabilities. Let go. We are working as a group but notice most people are not judging you. They are immersed in their workout. Everyone feels silly learning something new. Focus on who you want to be, not what you look like. To move from strength to strength, remain present.

In group exercise, 1-on-1 attention cannot reasonably be expected so you need to be responsible for your workout. A desire to understand the intention of any movement, the progression, the regression and the ability to perform routine self-evaluation is ideal. Take note of where you need guidance, ask questions. When in doubt, keep-it-simple.

Change doesn’t arrive in one class. Stay the course. Quiet your doubts. Keep coming back for at least six visits. Do the work. Exercise rewards come in weeks not days. You can transform your world by starting with the only person you can control, YOU.

Exercise Consciously and live in the world with less limitations. From the Health Club to Personal Training, take a look at the Testimonials.

– Erwin