“KINETIC Sculpt® OUTSIDE was the perfect cure for indoor-gym malaise. There is no better way to recharge and refocus than spending an hour outdoors in the morning – no weight room, no treadmill, no Spinning bike – just a great motivator working with you on exercises that build strength, muscle, endurance, while focusing on balance and posture. Bring on Summer!”
David Dendridge
Fashion Executive, Michael Kors

He did it!!!! 🎉🍾🍕So @daviddenrich finished his #NYCMarathon in 3:35:12! As a coach and friend I couldn’t be prouder. If you think turning a collegiate swimmer into a runner is a no brainier, you would be wrong. You need a plan and desire to want to be someone bigger than you know. It’s a pretty emotional accomplishment for both of us!!! This is why I wake up…to be someone who makes lives better. Onward… #BeMoveDo #running #KINETICSculpt #centralpark #clintonpark #centralpark #instafit #ExerciseConsciously #training #fitness #cardio #proprioception #workout #strength #focus #power #InjuryPrevention #instafitness #nyrr #marathontraining #tcsnycmarathon #multisport #athlete #winning #happy #seedaverun

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“Erwin Gonzalez has spent decades developing an exercise program that everyone of any age can benefit from. His holistic training method focuses on multi-joint movements that improve strength, coordination and muscle awareness. Those of us who have been fortunate to discover KINETIC Sculpt have healed our bodies of injury (as well as prevented future injury), just as surely as a “clean” diet safeguards us from disease. KINETIC Sculpt which was created from a lifetime of observing all kinds of movement — from dancers to athletes to yoga and Pilates instructors —- should be taught in schools just as English, math, science and history. It’s a must for anyone who wants to age without injury. — Diane Stefani, EVP at The Rosen Group Best, Diane Stefani, Rosen Group PR

Fitness and keeping in shape have always been important to me. I would work out from 4-5 times a week either running, spinning, swimming, maybe a sculpt class and a little yoga. Three years ago I discovered Erwin’s KINETIC Sculpt® class at the Health & Racquet gym and have never looked back! KINETIC Sculpt® has taken my training to another level. It has made me stronger, given me more stamina and made me so much more aware of how to exercise my body intelligently. It has also taught me about the discipline of focus in order to get so much more out of a work out and that its often quality not quantity that counts! Combining this class with running or spinning is a perfect combination and tunes up your whole body to make you even stronger – I feel I am a better athlete because of KINETIC Sculpt®! With KINETIC Sculpt® you use your own body weight and mat, some gliders and a body bar! Each class is a breath of fresh air as it is always original and presents new challenges BUT is still made fun! I enjoy the experience of exercising smartly and LOVE the results you achieve. KINETIC Sculpt® classes never fail to set me up with positive energy for my work day! I highly recommend trying KINETIC Sculpt® with Erwin and seeing what its about for yourself! – Catherine ScalesDesigner & Owner, eleven.six


I had the opportunity to take Erwin Gonzalez’s KINETIC Sculpt (KINETIC Sculpt®) class at the 56th St. club soon after I joined NYHRC in the spring of 2011. Since then, I’ve regularly been to other locations of the club to participate in his other formats of KS, such as Towel Power and Core-Set. KS is one-of-a-kind and I know it doesn’t appeal to everyone, particularly those who don’t know how to move, but it certainly has appeal for me.

I performed at Radio City Music Hall for 14 years as the first Asian Rockette and have been a dance and fitness instructor for more than a decade. Erwin’s clear and precise demonstration and direction are simply impeccable and his classes have never disappointed me.

Despite the fact that I live and work mostly in Park Slope, Brooklyn (where many gyms and fitness facilities are readily available) I joined NYHRC with the expectation that it would offer group fitness classes that are unique and more integrated with movement, not just simple repetitions. While I’m aware that his classes are usually smaller compared with mainstream classes such as Zumba or Boot Camp, I strongly believe that KS positively differentiates NYHRC from other gyms. Erwin is the one of the rare instructors who teaches classes instead of simply giving classes.
I’m glad about my decision to join NYHRC and as long as KS is on its class schedule, I will definitely keep my membership active.

Setsuko Maruhashi


“I’ve been an avid exerciser for over thirty years. Though I enjoy working out, I found combining exercise with a busy life —a hectic travel schedule and raising children—stressful. I made time for an exercise routine but honestly it was getting to be, well, a routine—repetitive, redundant and boring. What’s more, I had hit a plateau because I wasn’t differentiating my workout.

That all changed when I discovered KINETIC Sculpt®. Over the last two years the classes have changed the way I approach exercising. KINETIC Sculpt®’’s focus on “exercising consciously” has forced me to think about the how and why of exercising. It allowed me to shake my exercise doldrums, focus more on my surroundings and how I moved. Using a sensible combination of weights for both balance and strength, building on my abdominal core, and learning new stretches made a huge difference in preventing injury and most importantly enjoying exercise once again.

Most importantly, Erwin Gonzalez’s classes are always different, never routine—there are new exercises each week. His classes combines both large-class instruction and just-in-time individualized guidance and attention that works. I’m always excited to get back home to show my wife the new “moves”. The results have paid off for me both physically and mentally. Through KINETIC Sculpt® I’ve developed the habits of mind that have moved beyond the class and into my daily life. As I walk up the stairs, pickup groceries, or just sit at your office I engage my core, sit tall and breath. And shouldn’t that be the point of an exercise class?”
Andres Henriquez,  New York

“As a clinical psychologist in full time private practice, my work involves hours of sitting, close to motionless, for the entire day. It is not uncommon for people in the mental health field to suffer from all kinds of back and leg pain– an unfortunate, but often-inescapable work hazard. However, I feel that Erwin’s KINETIC Sculpt® classes have been instrumental in helping me to remain pain free.

KINETIC Sculpt® is about acquiring a new level of awareness while exercising that leads to strength, stamina, and good posture. This is absolutely necessary in my profession! I have always been very athletic, and daily exercise has been part of my life for over 20 yrs., but taking Erwin’s classes twice weekly for almost two years has improved my fitness level to an all time high and influenced all of my other workout activities. All the hard work pays off, and it is a lot of fun!”
Carmela PerezPsychologist, New York

I have been taking Erwin’s class for more than a year now, KINETIC Sculpt® has taught me to be more mentally and physically aware. The workout is a great combination of cardiovascular and functional strength conditioning, with injury preventative movement mechanics that are so useful in our day-to-day activities. I have long days that consist of working a fashion job during the day and working at a restaurant kitchen at night. KINETIC Sculpt® classes have made me stronger, more fluid, spontaneous, and adaptable to face what my days bring.
Marilu PerezChef & Owner of Lula NYC Catering, New York



I don’t know what group of friends I would recommend KINETIC Sculpt® to the most: my yoga friends, my weightlifting buddies, people just getting started working out, dancers, actors, or ones like me who don’t have the coordination to walk and chew gum at the same time.  It would benefit all of the above because it teaches to concentrate on every single movement being made. I did not know that I could engage my inner thighs and begin to tone them simply by picking up a pencil.

After I watched the class for the first time, I thought I was beyond learning anything going on in there.  Actually, I have a lot to learn. In reality, the slow movement is a lesson in firing the brain to concentrate on each movement I make and building muscle tone while I do it. I do not think there is a better type of workout that can help such a variety of people. From couch potato to acting on stage to winning an Olympic event, KINETIC Sculpt® is for you!
John Brunty, John Kent Distributors, South Carolina



“For those of you who follow Erwin’s KS® program. Let me say this. I took all of Erwin’s classes 12 years ago when I lived in NYC. Mostly at Chelsea Piers. I am fitter than most and pride myself on my success in cycling.

I live in LA and last night I took his KS® class at NYHRC and I can say two things it kicked my butt for all the right reasons and Erwin has evolved as a trainer. I have done every work out program ever created. Erwin’s KS® program is for those who are interested in doing movement and exercise that is healthy for the long haul and not about tearing you down to build you back up.

That philosophy has caused me more unnecessary injuries and surgery that could have been prevented if his philosophy of exercise and movement were available years ago. Mass trend workouts are just that. Do yourself a favor. Take his classes but take the time before or after to talk with Erwin about his philosophy on the human form. You will be enlightened.”
– Richard Wilhelm
Luxe Lab and Bike Religion Racing Team

“Over 20 years I have spent 100’s of 1000’s of dollars in professional development, some of which has been useful, some not so much. Your class is not only enjoyable but also has allowed me to use so many ideas and take to my students. Many of who know of you!!!

Remember what you do is not only beneficial, enjoyable, rewarding, motivating and hard work but also so inspiring!! If everyone takes 10% of your class and shares with someone you will son be a household name!!
Heidi Oxley
Physical Education Educator, United Kingdom