Personal Training

You must expect great things of yourself before you can do them. – Michael Jordan

I have worked with cancer patients, adults in physical therapy, teens, the elderly, expectant mothers, new moms, and healthy adults needing direction. They all share similar concerns. “How do I get stronger?” “How do I live life more fully?” This is where I step in. I believe personal training is always client-driven and trainer-directed. My job is to listen for what the client really wants, not what I want for the client. We then set forth upon mutually agreed upon goals. I am the tactician, the record keeper, the cheerleader, the coach, the safeguard of their vision. I find it helpful to approach fitness in three steps.

Got health?

We begin by making friends with facts. (Lifestyle choices, age, weight, health history, exercise history and clothes size are some of these facts.) Then we can discuss the big picture, what makes you internally happy and what the physical image of your ideal healthy body looks like. Is it realistic? Is it holistic? Is it sustainable?

My most successful clients are those who train for true health benefits; body image is a secondary concern. That said, they always settle within a healthy, happy body image because their revamped lifestyle insures it.

It is important to have measurable, realistic and visible goals individual to you. (This is not cookie cutter stuff as not everyone responds to the same stimuli.)

  • Focus on building skills to move past plateaus.
  • Move from strength to strength. Stop obsessing on your weaknesses.
  • Understand your body, the intention of any exercise, the progression, the regression and the ability to perform routine self-evaluation.

You will never maintain any fitness regimen you cannot replicate on your own or you loath to perform. Competence brings confidence. Good muscle memory builds safe athletes. Well-defined goals do not allow for self-attack. Own your workout and you’ve got swag to spare on-or-off the playing field.

Stop wasting time.

  • Whether it be a bet, a high school reunion or a wedding, short-term weight loss is easy. Learn to keep the weight off.
  • Don’t spend three seasons building your idealized summer body only to throw it all away in one season of excess.
  • If you are twenty-five years past high school, what makes you think that old school workout paradigm is still safe, effective and appropriate for you?
  • Quit auctioning yourself to the lowest bidder. The fitness business is just like any other. You get what you pay for.

The human body is only so forgiving. Lean into a fitness lifestyle that continually rewards you. Allow yourself to no longer be identified by your physicality. You will then be less obsessed with weights and measures. When you exercise consciously, sweat purposefully, you gain results that are not easily lost. You live in the world with less limitations.

  • No excuses.
  • Solutions to live pain-free.
  • Strategy to sustain a rewarding lifestyle balance.

Be. Move. Do.

– Erwin


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