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Get out of your own way

5 Steps to Get Out of Your Own Way As a dyed in the wool procrastinator and reformed quitter, here are some tips that work for me NOW. Whether it be an athletic goal, a diet, a job search or an educational challenge, only action creates results, not thoughts. From one procrastinator to another, make ONE change […]

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Exercise with the lights off

SPINNING is the only exercise class I know taught with the lights off. The origin of this condition is to create an atmospheric condition for exercise in a commercial consumer culture. The darkness relieves self-consciousness. You can be anonymous. You don’t need to observe yourself in a mirror thus no judgment. Having the lights off […]

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Daily Drills to Strengthen Postural Muscles

Postural muscles are endurance muscles, so you’ll need more than short workouts to counteract 8+ hours of sitting poorly at your desk or in your car. Perform these little drills periodically throughout the day: Rearview Mirror Lifts – The next time you slide into the driver’s seat, imagine someone put an ice cube down your […]

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Music and Performance

Interesting research article published in The Wall Street Journal on how music impacts exercise. Here is the takeaway. The “sweet spot” for workout music is between 125 and 140 beats per minute when people aren’t trying to time their movements to the music.  For athletes who synchronize their movements to a musical beat, their bodies can handle […]

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Wanna detoxify yourself?

Many peeler re consumed with invisible toxins. However there are many toxins in every day items that completely go overlooked. So if you are considering a juice cleanse why not go completely cold turkey for one month on these products too. No makeup (or switch to strictly NATURAL products) No antiperspirant No lotions or moisturizers (or switch to […]

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