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What is Competence?

What is Competence? I was reading an article indicating that adults today are less physically fit than their ancestors. We move less. We avoid heavy weight bearing activities. Our skeletons reflect the decrease in activity. In short, living a life of comfort is significantly decreasing the quality of our lives. We are living longer and […]

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Get out of your own way

5 Steps to Get Out of Your Own Way As a dyed in the wool procrastinator and reformed quitter, here are some tips that work for me NOW. Whether it be an athletic goal, a diet, a job search or an educational challenge, only action creates results, not thoughts. From one procrastinator to another, make ONE change […]

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Erwin on Injury Prevention

This morning I was on Fresh 102. 7, WCBS-FM (You can listen to it ONLINE,) to discuss injury prevention. Part of injury prevention is also cold weather acclimation. It is a New Year and sometimes mother nature doesn’t cooperate with our plans. Gym workouts are great but don’t be shy to workout outdoors. A cold weather workout can […]

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